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Low Pay Commission welcomes CSO publication

The Low Pay Commission today welcomed the release by the CSO of detailed data relating to employees earning the National Minimum Wage (NMW).  
Following its establishment in 2015 the Low Pay Commission, in its very first Report recommending the appropriate level of the National Minimum Wage, had noted significant gaps in the data available to assist in its annual task of coming to a recommendation on the level of the NMW. The recent addition of a new question to the QNHS, specifically tailored to the National Minimum Wage, greatly assists in addressing the existing gaps in data. 
Chairman Dónal de Buitléir said  
“The Commission greatly appreciates the work of the CSO in taking on board the request from the Low Pay Commission, through its research partnership with the ESRI, to add a minimum wage-specific question to the QNHS survey.  
This allows, for the first time, detailed data regarding people earning minimum wage, and below, to come into the public domain, and it will provide an important element in allowing the Low Pay Commission to make its recommendations on a sound evidential basis into the future.  
The detailed data provided fills what has been a major gap in statistics in the Low Pay area and will greatly aid us in our work on the National Minimum Wage and Low Pay sectors. The Commission very much appreciates the work of the CSO in bringing these estimates to fruition, and greatly looks forward to working through the wealth of data now provided.”