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The national minimum hourly rate of pay became €9.80 

on 1st January 2019 (S.I. No. 402 of 2018)

Changes to the subminimum rates came into effect

on 4th March 2019 (S.I. No. 72 of 2019)

Category of Employee

Hourly Rate

Experienced Adult Worker€9.80
Under 18€6.86
Aged 18€7.84
Aged 19€8.82

For the purposes of the National Minimum Wage your gross wage includes, for example, the basic salary and any shift premium, bonus or service charge.
If you receive board and/or lodgings i.e. food and/or accommodation from your employer, the maximum amounts that can be included are:

From 1st January 2019;

For board only €0.87, per hour worked, €23.15 for lodgings only per week, or €3.32 per day