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Consultation on Tipping Practices

In June 2018, the Commission published a request for submissions from all interested parties to help inform its review on practices in the area of tips and gratuities. It was noted that all comments would be subject to the Freedom of Information Act, 2014. The Commission received 15 submissions from trade unions/workers' representatives, businesses/representatives, Social Representatives, Government Departments and political parties.

Submission 1 Irish Taxi FederationSubmission 4 Restaurants Association of IrelandSubmission 7 Irish Congress of Trade UnionsSubmission 10 Sinn FeinSubmission 13 Green Party
Submission 2 The Competition and Consumer Protection CommissionSubmission 5 Richard Grogan and AssociatesSubmission 8 Licensed Vintners AssociationSubmission 11 TASCSubmission 14 Hotels Federation
Submission 3-The Gaming and Leisure Association of IrelandSubmission 6 Fianna FailSubmission 9 Social Justice IrelandSubmission 12 Union of Students in IrelandSubmission 15 Irish Hairdressers Foundation