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2019 Consultation Processes

Have Your Say Final

The Low Pay Commission is an independent body, the main function of which is to advise the Government on the appropriate rate of the National Minimum Wage and related matters.

National Minimum Wage Consultation

The Commission has an evidence-based approach to arriving at its recommendations.

In this context the Commission is inviting submissions from interested parties in relation to the National Minimum Wage; these submissions will inform the Commission in its consideration of the appropriate rate for 2020.

The Commission welcomes your observations, comments and submissions which can be sent, preferably by email, to: or by post to:

The Low Pay Commission Secretariat, 1st Floor, Aras Mhic Diarmada, Store Street, Dublin 1

*The closing date for submissions is HAS PASSED* ; however, the Commission will accept late submissions if contact is made with the Secretariat at the email or address above.

Please note that all comments, observations and submissions received will be subject to The Freedom of Information Act 2014. Consequently, when submitting material, parties should identify any information which they consider should not be released, and identify the grounds under the Act which support the non-release of the information. In general, our policy is to make responses to our consultation available on our website following the publication of the relevant report.

We may also quote from submissions in our reports.